Soil Geotechnical Design Properties

Search for soil geotechnical design properties based on grain type & USCS class, narrow down your prediction based on SPT count, and plasticity index or particle roundness.
Please note: these estimates are for feasibility studies only.

My geology is:
SPT Count
Plasticity index
My estimated range of geotechnical design properties are:
Unit weight kN/m2
Friction Angle o
Undr. shear strength kN/m2
Drained cohesion kN/m2
The table below shows how we filtered on empirical data to estimate your soil properties

USCS Typical Name Grain type SPT Count Condition Plasticity Friction angle (o) Undrained shear strength (kN/m2) Drained cohesion (kN/m2) Dry unit weight (kN/m2) Saturated unit weight (kN/m2) Relative density Particle Roundness Void Ratio dr adjust