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What's this calculator used for?
This free concrete mix calculator helps materials engineers and temporary works designers calculate the approximate maximum concrete pressure applied to the panels of their formwork system and estimate the number of ties needed between the formwork panels considering pouring temperature, admixtures, retarders, ggbf and pfa content.
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Edit your formwork panels
Product name Supplied by Add to formwork builder Panel width w (m) Available panel heights h (m) Digital catalogue
Maxima Panel 300mm (width) 0.3 2.7 or 1.2m View
Maxima Panel 450mm (width) 0.45 2.7 or 1.2m View
Maxima Panel 600mm (width) 0.6 2.7 or 1.2m View
Maxima Panel 720mm (width) 0.72 2.7 or 1.2m View
Maxima Panel 900mm (width) 0.9 2.7 or 1.2m View
Maxima Panel 1200mm (width) 1.2 2.7 or 1.2m View
Maxima Panel 2400mm (width) 2.4 2.7 or 1.2m View
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