About us

On construction projects highly-qualified key staff like Project Managers, Engineers, Architects and Geologists still spend countless hours searching for construction information.
Most of our project data is unstructured and often disorganised. We often have filenames like REV01 REV02 REV03_FINAL REV03_Final_Final etc...
We decided there must be a better way...
Stevan Lukic

Our mission

We're on a mission to digitise and organise the world's construction design information.
We're developing a tool to cut through the noise and help deliver clean datasets and organised information to technical teams and project management working on construction projects.
Our software allows you to automatically create a knowledge base for your projects with a searchable archive of design details and extract the data you need.
Stevan Lukic

Our team

Stevan Lukic
Stevan Lukic
Civil Engineer / Web Developer
Mirko Vairo
Mirko Vairo
Past AI Startup Founder
Mohamad Fadil
Mirko Vairo
Lead Software Engineer
Data Scientist / Web Developer
Julianna Xoe Widlund
Julianna Xoe Widlund
Chartered Civil Engineer

We're backed by top tech investors

Two of the world's leading software investors believe our mission to help the construction industry build a better future

We're growing

We ship new features every 2 weeks. Get in contact with us if you have any questions or want to pilot Civils.ai on your project.
Stevan Lukic

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Much of Civils.ai has been built with the help and advice of a community of Civil Engineers who are especially interested in all things at the intersection of Civil Engineering, AI & Digital.
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