Have you ever struggled to find Civil Engineering knowledge and data?

Civils.ai has built a solution

Our inception:

As Civil Engineers, we spend countless hours searching for the information in an overwhelming number of documents.

💡 We decided there has to be a better way

Our story so far:

We launched in January 2022, with the mission of using AI tools to help Engineers access key information they need on their projects.

Two of the world's leading software investors believed in us:

Our ambitious future roadmap:

Our goal is to develop a tool which understand and syncs with all the construction documents on your project
the future roadmap
Introducing the Civils.ai team
Stevan Lukic
Stevan Lukic
Civil Engineer & CEO
Mirko Vairo
Mirko Vairo
Business Expert & COO
Julianna Xoe Widlund
Julianna Xoe Widlund
Marketing, Education & Content
We are growing

We are always rolling out new features. Get in contact with us at info@civils.ai if you have any questions or want to get involved, or join our Discord server below.

Join a global Civil Engineer community:

Ask questions & get help from other Engineers
Much of Civils.ai has been built with the help and advice of a community of Civil Engineers who are especially interested in all things at the intersection of Civil Engineering, AI & Digital.
Join a community of Civil Engineers around the world - collaborate on your own open-source coding projects, share what you are working on and get feedback on your ideas.