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Automatically gather geotechnical data

Say goodbye to manual transcription. Convert PDF site investigation reports into digitial files including:

Automatically gather and model geotech data

How do I get started?
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Our Borehole Digitiser

Extract data from geotech reports automatically

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • We extract key data from your borehole logs saving you from hours of repetitive data entry.
  • Download extracted data as AGS 4.1 & Excel
geotechnical engineering ai database
Capabilities and limitations

We even read accurately from scanned and handwritten reports

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • We read the most challenging document types.
  • There is no need to split the geotechnical reports into individual boreholes yourself, simply drag and drop the full report and our software handles the rest
geotechnical engineering ai database
Access our API

Developing your own software and want to extract data from geotechnical reports?

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • Send PDF's into via our API.
  • Call our API to retrieve JSON, Excel and AGS data from your files in response.
3D Modelling

Build initial 3D site models

  • Go from borehole PDF's to initial editable 3D models in seconds.
  • Generate virtual boreholes and inspect the subsurface of your site.
  • Measure the bedrock level and identify any geotechnical issues.
  • Download your initial models as DXF.
2D Sections

Generate 2D Sections of your site

  • Draw your cut line on the map.
  • Create beautifully presented 2D sections.
  • Edit and control the data being presented.
  • Download your sections as a PDF or DXF.
Why use

Unforseen ground conditions are one of the biggest risks to successfully bidding and delivering infrastructure projects.

Minimise the risk costly surprises with your site by assimilating and analysing your data for risks.

The quality and availability of your geotech data is an edge over your competition.

Invest in the quality of your geotechnical to give you confidence to optimise your designs and deliver more on your projects.

Use AI to gather and structure data from numerous different sources.

Convert entire PDF geotechical reports into geo-referenced digital boreholes plotted on your private map.

Download your data in AGS formats ready for integrating into OpenGround and Leapfrog.

We save your staff's time by eliminating manual transcription of borehole data.

Our solution is 80% cheaper than asking your Engineers and Geologists to manually transcribe boreholes themselves. pays for itself on your first project (not considering all our other features).

Frequently asked questions
Answers to common questions about our services for individuals and companies.

Using on your project can provide an approximate 80% saving in direct cost of extracting data from Geotechnical reports into AGS or a format compatible with software.

We provide an additional 90% saving in terms of time spent searching for data in PDF documents, with the AI document search tool you can find the exact section to answer your question by searching in all your project documents at once. This can be especially useful for challenging projects with fragmented or conflicting information as it makes finding original sources of information and project information traceability achieveable.

Your uploaded data is stored within a relational database and cloud object storage with our best in class cloud infrastructure provider. All document data is anonymised and un-anonymised data is only viewable the user account from which the data was uploaded.

All data is transmitted through TLS and uses best practice encryption.

Yes you can automatically to delete any data you uploaded at any time by clicking the delete button when you are in your project database.

You can also write to us to request that we delete your data at any time and all data related to you will be deleted when you delete your account.

Data is stored securely on servers in the United States, by a vetted, best in class cloud infrastructure provider.

For businesses with data residency restrictions we can arrange to store data within your locality.

Yes, you certainly can.

Our system is currently optimised to process individual borehole record PDF's but you can also upload entire geo reports and we will extract the data.

We currently support any form of PDF document or report.

You can upload anything from contracts or specifications to design guides to fine tune your project AI and train it to answer questions on your documents. For geotechnical reports we can extract borehole data.

Our technology currently does not support the spatial interpretation of geometry and it does not support numerical reasoning and calculations.

For extraction of data from modern PDF's, we achieve over 95% accuracy inclding from complex table structures. For older PDF's (sampled before 1975) these are more challenging and such a high degree of accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but we are sure you will still be pleasantly surprised at how accurate the results are.

We use maximum payment security. If your card is not accepted firstly, disable your VPN or proxy server. Then make sure your name, CVC and postal code match the one on your payment card and of your bank account. Also your card country should be the same as your billing country. And finally make sure you enable 3D Secure or similar authentication on your card with your bank.

We are not currently hiring but always interested to meet new and interesting people for potential future collaborations. We suggest that you join our Discord community and introduce yourself and we can take it from there.

The discord community is also a great place to meet other like-minded digital engineers and share your ideas and we host online events from time to time.

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