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How does Civils.ai work?
geotechnical engineering ai database
geotechnical engineering ai database
Drag & drop files or sync with a database
Sync with:
Autodesk Construction Cloud
Design calcs
Geotech reports
CAD (coming soon)
 Search for information
 Extract data
 Answer questions
 Design coordination (coming soon)
Start eliminating rework and errors on your project

1-2 hours

staff time saved per day
"Finding key information is much easier as it's no longer buried deep in folders and PDF's."


additional profit per project
"There's much less re-work happening as we have key construction data at our fingertips."


better submission quality
"The client is getting more accurate answers, as we are spending less time on internal admin"


staff job satisfaction
"I'm spending less time chasing others and more time on the things I love about my job."
Benefits seen within 6 months based upon feedback given on 80+ pilot projects
Control + F for all your construction info

Search for information across all your documents at once

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • Answer construction questions across 1000's of your project documents without opening up and manually searching.
  • All answers provided with citations. Click the links in the answer to open the document at the referenced section.
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With special features for Geotechnical Documents
No more manual transcription

Extract data from entire PDF geotech reports

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • Extract geological description, thicknesses, classifications, water level, ground level, test data, coordinates & more from PDFs.
  • No need to split your files - upload the entire report and we handle the rest
  • Download extracted data as AGS & Excel
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Don't just take our word for it
Edward Armstrong
Edward Armstrong
Penta Ocean Construction
Senior Project Manager
"Before discovering Civils.ai, our team was bogged down with endless hours of manual data entry. This repetitive task not only hampered our productivity but even led to cases of carpal tunnel. Since using we have not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also fostered a healthier work environment."
Edward Armstrong
Geoff Pook
Meinhardt Group
Principal Engineer
"The ability to transcribe data from borehole logs and reports, no matter how old, has been a great time saver as we are have access to vast data sets of existing ground investigation data but much of it is not in AGS format. We have also been very pleased with the collaborative approach to enhancing the features with our suggestions taken on board to enhance the data output and are excited about what new features are in the pipeline."
Edward Armstrong
Yasuhiro Yokota
Kajima Corporation
Senior Research Engineer
"As a long-term user of Civils.ai for over a year I appreciate the time it has saved me in getting insights about our projects and the responsiveness of their team to feature requests. I've seen their AI getting increasingly accurate and powerful in this time. I'm excited for what the future holds and hope to continue working with them closely."
Edward Armstrong
Miro Briss
Balfour Beatty
Senior Project Manager
"The RAG model Civils.ai introduced to us caught our attention as it can help us to form a foundation for considerable improvements in change and risk management. The Civils.ai team has a great attitude with a fast response time, as you would expect from a start-up team aiming to develop part of a solution to resolve productivity friction in the construction industry."
Why choose Civils.ai?
Fine-tuned for construction

We develop proprietary AI specifically for construction, we've been fine-tuning our application over the past 2 years on over 100k public datasets optimising for construction document structures and terminology.

Analyse all your files (including scans & handwriting)

Many project decisions rely on analysing archived data. We outperform other AI applications by using cutting-edge methods to process historic scanned documents ensuring you aren't losing key data.

Best in class data privacy

We work in compliance with your project NDA's. We offer options to run Civils.ai on your companies own cloud server, ensuring data is hosted on your terms. Your project data is not used for any form of AI training. Data processed by our application is discarded 12 hours after your project is deleted, including any backup data.

Supported by industry experts

We work with leading consultants & developers around the world, their regular advice and deployment on projects has helped to shape Civils.ai. We are committed to the safe and responsible roll-out of AI in the construction industry by working closely with our clients.

Frequently asked questions
Answers to common questions about our services for individuals and companies.

Using Civils.ai on your project can provide an approximate 80% saving in direct cost of extracting data from Geotechnical reports into AGS or a format compatible with software.

We provide an additional 90% saving in terms of time spent searching for data in PDF documents, with the Civils.ai AI document search tool you can find the exact section to answer your question by searching in all your project documents at once. This can be especially useful for challenging projects with fragmented or conflicting information as it makes finding original sources of information and project information traceability achieveable.

Your uploaded data is stored within a relational database and cloud object storage with our best in class cloud infrastructure provider. All document data is anonymised and un-anonymised data is only viewable the user account from which the data was uploaded.

All data is transmitted through TLS and uses best practice encryption.

Yes you can automatically to delete any data you uploaded at any time by clicking the delete button when you are in your project database.

You can also write to us to request that we delete your data at any time and all data related to you will be deleted when you delete your account.

Data is stored securely on servers in the United States, by a vetted, best in class cloud infrastructure provider.

For businesses with data residency restrictions we can arrange to store data within your locality.

Yes, you certainly can.

Our system is currently optimised to process individual borehole record PDF's but you can also upload entire geo reports and we will extract the data.

We currently support any form of PDF document or report.

You can upload anything from contracts or specifications to design guides to fine tune your project AI and train it to answer questions on your documents. For geotechnical reports we can extract borehole data.

Our technology currently does not support the spatial interpretation of geometry and it does not support numerical reasoning and calculations.

For extraction of data from modern PDF's, we achieve over 95% accuracy inclding from complex table structures. For older PDF's (sampled before 1975) these are more challenging and such a high degree of accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but we are sure you will still be pleasantly surprised at how accurate the results are.

We use maximum payment security. If your card is not accepted firstly, disable your VPN or proxy server. Then make sure your name, CVC and postal code match the one on your payment card and of your bank account. Also your card country should be the same as your billing country. And finally make sure you enable 3D Secure or similar authentication on your card with your bank.

We are not currently hiring but always interested to meet new and interesting people for potential future collaborations. We suggest that you join our Discord community and introduce yourself and we can take it from there.

The discord community is also a great place to meet other like-minded digital engineers and share your ideas and we host online events from time to time.

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