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Our key features
Find digital underground data
We've been gathering and processing Geological data for cities around the world to create a Google Maps of digitised underground reference data.
Digitise your site investigation PDF's automatically
Use our system to automatically extract and visualise data from your own Geotechnical reports, without any repetitive manual data entry. Extract your information into an interactive 3D model and download as Excel and AGS file formats.
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We are a Civil Engineer community
Collaborate on open-source
We encourage open-source software development by Civil Engineers. Much of Civils.ai has been built on a foundation of such open-source projects. Particularly in the following areas:
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Tunnel Design
  • Structural Design
Join our community of Civil Engineers around the world - collaborate on open-source projects, share what you are working on and get feedback on your ideas.

We have a 7 day free trial and it's open to absolutely anyone, with no credit card required. Your organisation may already be registered with us, meaning after you request a trial you will discover you already have full access! We will reach out to you near the end of your trial to see if you've enjoyed using our software and to see if you'd like to continue.

Sign in with your company email and find out! We are regularly adding new companies and extending access to more Engineers. In time we will allow you to connect with your colleagues and make it possible to share your data within your company.

We aren't openly listing pricing right now as we are still in an early stage of developing our product, but rest assured we are significantly cheaper than you used to paying for Engineering software and we save you a tonne of your Engineer's time, allowing them to focus on more value added tasks than manual data processing.

Absolutely not, your data is all stored in a private repo. You are welcome to pull publicly available data (we gather from public data sources) into your private repo, but no data is shared in the opposite direction. We are working on a feature to allow your to share your data with selected others such as those in your company in the future, but you will be given full control.

Yes you certainly can. Our system is currently optimised to process individual borehole record PDF's but you can also upload entire geo reports and we will extract the data.

For modern records we achieve over 95% accuracy. For older records (sampled before 1975) these are more challenging and such a high degree of accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but we are sure you will still be pleasantly surprised at how accurate the results are.
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