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Our Borehole Digitiser

Extract data from geotech report PDF's automatically

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • We extract geological description, thicknesses, water level, ground level, SPT, coordinates.
  • Access BGS boreholes as AGS and Excel.

Visualise and build initial site models

  • Access your data on your own private map.
  • Go from borehole PDF's to initial editable 3D models in seconds.
  • Generate 2D fence diagrams of your site.
  • Start understanding project risk.
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Everything in Pro
Automated borehole digitiser and site visualisation tools
  • Extract data automatically
  • Digitised BGS boreholes
  • 2D & 3D geological modelling
  • 500 PDF borehole conversions (thereafter $3/borehole)
Custom pricing is available on request

We are a Civil Engineer community

Collaborate with Engineers around the world
We encourage and help Engineers from around the world learn to code. Much of Civils.ai has been built with the help of our community of Civil Engineers. Particularly in the following areas:
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Tunnel Design
  • Structural Design
Join our community of Civil Engineers around the world - collaborate on your own open-source coding projects, share what you are working on and get feedback on your ideas.

Yes, your extracted borehole data is stored in a private repo accessible to only you.

Yes you certainly can. Our system is currently optimised to process individual borehole record PDF's but you can also upload entire geo reports and we will extract the data.

For modern records we achieve over 95% accuracy. For older records (sampled before 1975) these are more challenging and such a high degree of accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but we are sure you will still be pleasantly surprised at how accurate the results are.
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