Know everything about your project

Instantly answer construction questions about your project

Search the construction documents on your project all at once. Get instant answers and insights to your questions and find the latest information.

Instantly answer questions about all your documents

Solve time-consuming project challenges
Find the latest project details
Search all the project documents at once, to find the latest project details you need.
Bid for projects more efficently
Upload the tender package to make it searchable so the whole team can find key details bid more efficiently in the limited time available.
Search through archive data
Avoid redesigning on every project by searching through details from your past projects to pull out reusable information.
Find project information instantly

Upload your own docs or sync with your project document folders

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • Use your project AI to search all your project documents and instantly answer your question.
  • All answers provide the source of the information, opening the document at the correct page and highlighting the section.
Automate simple workflows

Retrieve information and perform tasks using the data autonomously

We keep all your data secure & private.
  1. Select advanced task.
  2. Describe the info which you'd like to reference when completing a task.
  3. Describe the task you need completing.
  4. Set an AI running to complete the task and review the output by checking the citations provided with the output.
Start eliminating rework and errors on your project

1-2 hours

staff time saved per day
"Finding key information is much easier as it's no longer buried deep in folders and PDF's."


additional profit per project
"There's much less re-work happening as we have key construction data at our fingertips."


better submission quality
"The client is getting more accurate answers, as we are spending less time on internal admin"


staff job satisfaction
"I'm spending less time chasing others and more time on the things I love about my job."
Benefits seen within 6 months based upon feedback given on 80+ pilot projects
Fill in the workforce shortage

Free up your high-value staff to work on high value problems and not repetitive admin

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