AI for Design Management

Answer questions about your project reports

Search the construction documents on your project all at once. Get instant answers and insights to your questions and find the latest information.

Instantly answer questions about all your documents

Never flick through 1000's of pages of project report again

Find project information instantly

Upload your own reports, or sync with your Autodesk or Sharepoint

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • Use your project AI to search all your project documents and instantly answer your question.
  • All answers provide the source of the information, opening the document at the correct page and highlighting the section.
  • We filter and help categorise any relevant references between different document types.
Process huge repositories of information

Capable of understanding entire tender packages & archives

  • Our system is able to search and retrieve construction information, searching across thousands of documents at once.
  • Reading precisely across text and tables.
  • Our cutting-edge vision intelligence models are capable of reading even challenging formats such as handwritten or scanned text found in historic reports.
... key benefits
Only 40% of the key data on your project is captured and used by the right people at the right time.


cheaper tender preparation
"We can bid more competitively for projects with fewer key staff tied up with the preparation, by simply uploading the tender package."


less time searching for info
"Verifying project details against requirements like specs and sections of building codes is now a breeze"


better submission quality
"We can reuse verified details from our past projects to improve our submissions."


staff job satisfaction
" automatically builts an archive of project details meaning I don't need to tie my staff up with manual data entry."
Share and collaborate with others in your team
Trying to find key details in when under time pressure is a recipe for disaster is your secret weapon in the key moments of tender preparation and evaluation. Upload the tender package so the whole team can find details more efficiently in the limited time available.
Answer technical questions and find links between your designs
Get instant answers, including in depth reference searches.
Our powerful referencing system indexes each construction document and categorises a list of references by relevance to any search query you make, showing how your designs are linked to other documents.
Create smart searchable archives you can refer back to again & again
Avoid redesigning on every project by searching through details from your past projects to pull out reusable information.
Each project you work on adds to your overall knowledge base.
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