Free Tunnel Construction AI Design Tool

Use machine learning methods to predict the cost and design specs of a tunnel referencing 1015 open-source datasets.

Predict the key design elements in various soil conditions and depths.

 Use our machine learning algorithm to predict tunnel lining thickness, length and segments per ring based on tunnel diameter and tunnel depth.
 Refine your results based on anticipated soil conditions
 Generate a list of similar projects in seconds
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Prediction results

Here is one similar project reference. Access the full algorithm and reference datasets below.
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Internal Diameter (m) Location Cost ($) Start date End date Design specs
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 Access cost, programme and design specs from the world's tunnelling projects.
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Use our algorithm
How does our Tunnel Design algorithm work?
  • We scan through our database of global projects and use a regression algorithm to predict key data for your tunnel project including:
    • Tunnel lining thickness
    • Segments per ring
    • Segment length
    • TBM spec
  • We return a list of all the similar projects to yours including key data.
  • Filter projects based on tunnel diameter and soil conditions.
  • You have access our entire database of tunnel projects.
Access construction data
We also provide access to our 10,505 construction datasets
  • All our datasets are structured and readable in Excel.
  • Access building, bridge, tunnel and dam project data.
  • Geotechnical design property data.
  • Construction material data.
  • We're constantly adding more data.
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