Free Dam Construction AI Design Tool

Use machine learning to predict cost and design specs of a dam project referencing 1019 open-source datasets.

Predict the time, cost and resources for a dam project

 Use our machine learning algorithm to predict based on dam type and height.
 Refine your results based on geographic location
 Generate a list of similar projects in seconds
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Prediction results

Here is one similar project reference. Access the algorithm and reference datasets below.
Project name Height Location Cost ($) Start date End date Design specs
 We've found another similar projects.
 Access all projects and key data, filter projects on dam height, dam type & location.
Open database
Use our algorithm
How does our Dam Design algorithm work?
  • We scan through our database of global projects and use a regression algorithm to predict key data for your dam project based on the filters you select, including
    • Project cost
    • Project duration
  • We return a list of all the similar projects to yours including key data.
  • Filter projects based on length, dam type and location.
  • You have access our entire database of dam projects
Access construction data
We also provide access to our 10,505 construction datasets
  • All our datasets are structured and readable in Excel.
  • Access the world's building, bridge, tunnel and dam project data.
  • Geotechnical design property data.
  • Construction material data.
  • We're constantly adding more data.
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