Free Pipe Jacking Design Calculator

Calculate a pipe jacking design using our database of past project references.

Input pipe geometry

This tool is intended for a quick estimate and must not replace any design check.
Internal diameter m
Enter a number between 0.45 & 2.4m.
Tunnel drive length m
Enter a number between 0 and 500m.
Geology type

Jacking force estimates

Use the table below to decide on your TBM jacking forces. We've found - project references and used these to estimate your pipe jacking loadings.
The nearest standard pipe size is m and we've used this for the estimates below.
Face load (kN) Skin friction (kN/m)
Avg record - -
Min record - -
Max record - -
Enter your own values
Enter a faceload between 0 and 3000kN.
Enter a skin friction between 0 and 100kN/m length of pipe.
Note: Stoppages in jacking can result in higher loads to restart jacking of approximately 25% within an hour and 75% within four hours of a stoppage.

Pipe size prediction

The predicted pipe size is based upon the nearest fit selection offered by FPMcann, featured in their tunnels and shafts jacking pipes brochure v2.0.
Tunnel launch shaft plan view with dimension predictions
Nominal Diameter (A) -mm
Wall thickness (B) mm
Outer diameter (C) mm
Pipe length m
Weight (approx) -kg
Spigot length (D) -mm
Socket length (E) -mm
Packer width (E) -mm
Packer thickness -mm

Interjacks and jacking load prediction

Interjacks are required where jacking loads exceed the capacity of the pipes. Deflection angles resulting from levelling differences and a lack of squareness between pipes have a significant effect on capacity. For most projects angular deflection is typically controlled between 0.0 and 0.25 degrees.
Allowed angular deflection
Estimated face load kN
Estimated skin friction kN/m
Tunnel drive length m
Max allowable jacking load -kN
Total thrust required if no interjacks used -kN
Max drive distance before interjack required -m
Number of interjacks required -

Minimum launch shaft size prediction

Tunnel launch shaft plan view with dimension predictions
Launch shaft size (LΓ—W) -mm
Entrance ring (a) mm
Clearance (b) mm
Jacking unit (c) mm
Thrust wall (d) -mm
Entrance open space (e) -mm
Approx. length for TBM (f) -mm
Jack (g) -mm

Minimum retrieval shaft size prediction

Tunnel launch shaft plan view with dimension predictions
Retrieval shaft size (LΓ—W) -
Arriving ring (a) mm
Packing (b) mm
Hume pipe (c) mm
Margin (d) -mm
Approx. length for TBM (e) -mm
Margin (g) -mm

TBM prediction

Tunnel launch shaft plan view with dimension predictions
TBM type -
TBM length -mm
TBM diamater mm
TBM weight tonnes
What's this calculator used for?
This tool can be used by Tunnel Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers to estimate the jacking and thrust forces required to operate a pipe jacking tunnel boring machine or TBM.
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