Tunnel Settlement & Damage Check 🏢

Calculate your first and second stage damage assessment automatically. This tool uses the method put forward in the paper "Prediction of ground movements and assessment of risk of building damage due to bored tunnelling" by Burland et al (1977).

Soil name
Thickness (m)
For deepest strata measure to tunnel axis. List geology shallowest to deepest. K is typically ​~0.5 in clay and ​~0.25 in granular.

1. Generate a settlement trough

Tunnel axis depth m
Tunnel axis depth > radius and < max soil depth.
Tunnel external dia m
Enter number between 1 and 18.
Building height m
Enter number between 0 & 200.
Building start m
Enter number between -40 and +40.
Building end m
Enter number between -40 and +40.
Volume loss
VL (%)
Enter number between 1 and 13.
A.I. Prediction

2. Damage assessment results:

Settlement under building:
-mm (max)
First stage assessment:
Second stage assessment:
Critical strain: