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Create an AI powered archive of your CAD, building codes & reports.

Automatically cross check if your project is compliant with regulations. Get all of your key details at the tips of your fingers.
Building codes
Design reports
CAD Drawings

AI for Construction Consultants

Use cases

Modernise the way you manage design details

  1. Digging for design details in your project archives can be huge time drain.
  2. When details can't be found, it can lead to costly redesign.
  3. With, simply type key terms in natural language, to search across all your reports, CAD and specs.
  4. Most construction data is unstructured and taking the time out to organise everything isnt always possible, helps organise everything for you.
  5. It's not always possible to recall exactly how you named the detail, which is where our cutting edge algorithm kicks in and finds related documents.

Give your team an advantage over competition during tendering

  1. Tendering on construction projects often comes down to the price and quality of your proposal.
  2. This can mean if you study more options than your competition and find a better proposal than them you win the project.
  3. The challenge is... the tender package and information you need to study can be unmanageable in the time you have available.
  4. We help you analyse entire tender packages with AI to help your team cut to the information they need and study more options.
  5. Simply type key terms to search through all the tender package instantly.
Find project information instantly

Upload your own PDF drawings and reports, or sync with your Autodesk.

We keep all your data secure & private.
  • Use your project AI to search all your project documents and instantly answer your question.
  • Set up to sync with your Autodesk Construction Cloud or Sharepoint and automatically organise and categorise your docs.
  • All answers provide the source of the information, opening the document at the correct page and highlighting the section.
A first of it's kind tool with unmatched understanding of Construction CAD Drawings
Unmatched AI accuracy for construction

Capable of reading Scanned, Handwritten & Historic PDF Documents

  • In construction it's all too familiar that we are given can be untidy and messy data.
  • We developed our system to read from even the most challenging document formats with unmatched accuracy.
  • We use cutting edge vision intelligence AI to read details.


Find specific details from your Civil & Infrastructure drawings

  • Need to know a thickness for foundation type on your project? Simply ask the AI and it will find the answer and retrieve the relevant drawing.
  • In locations like interfaces between structures our system has the ability to understand information reading across multiple drawings at once.


Find specific details from your Utilities & Layout drawings

  • Need to find details of the traffic diversion plan? Simply ask the AI and it will find the answer and retrieve the relevant drawing.
  • Our system not only understand the labels on a drawing but associates them together with the objects being labelled to understand the true meaning of the drawing.
  • Find similar drawings you've previously created to markup and pass to your CAD technician for reusing on the next plan.


Find specific details from your Building Designs & Floor Plan drawings

  • Need to find details or quanities from a specific floor of the building? Simply search with natural language for the details you need
  • Count off basic quanities from your drawings automatically
  • Double check your building plans meet with legal requirement such as disabled access and fire safety.


Find specific details from Architectural details

  • Need to find architectural details from your PDF archive to reuse on your latest project? Simply search with natural language for the details you need
  • No need to categorise or group details yourself, simply use natural language for the filtering.
  • Download details and pass to your CAD Technician for reuse.
Modernize the way you work with your project information
Share and collaborate with others in your team
Trying to find key details in when under time pressure is a recipe for disaster. is your secret weapon in knowing everything about your project. Use it as a tool to help junior staff find information.
Share key details with BIM and CAD Drafters
Share your project directly with your CAD Technicians
Or find CAD details yourself, download your CAD drawings, mark them up and share them with your CAD technicians.
Create smart searchable archives you can refer back to again & again
Avoid redesigning on every project by searching through details from your past projects to pull out reusable information.
Each project you work on adds to your overall knowledge base.
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