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Key features:

Digitise geotech reports automatically

Now available

Extract data from Geotechnical reports into Excel and AGS format automatically. Either select from a library of public records nearby your project, or drag and drop your own private records.

Create 3D visualisations

Now available
Create rich and beautiful 3D geospatial visualisations for your project. Create 2D Geological fence diagrams. Plan site investigations and generate approvals drawings. Eventually, run design calculations on your site.

Gather digitised public data

Now available
Access our databse of topography, borehole records and environmental data from across the globe (initially limited to the UK). Pull essential data into your model and start your calculations.

Export your work into other design software

Coming in 2023
Once you've finished your initial modelling and you are beginning detailed design send your work into more advanced software for futher analysis.